Site Options

Edit SubSite Help

The Site Options Manager allows Editors to alter basic configuration settings for a subsite.

Public Site Preferences
Action Description
Title The Title is used to change how the subsite’s title appears on the site. It does not change the URL that is used to access the site.
Hide title on public site This will hide the title (listed above) from showing up on the public site.
Display Previous/Next Links The previous and next links allow users to navigate forwards and backwards through the public pages of a subsite in a linear manner.
Display breadcrumbs The breadcrumbs are a navigational element that allow a user to see where they are in a subsite’s site structure, and to easily navigate to any of the parent folders of the current page.
Suppress breadcrumbs on front page The breadcrumbs are not useful when a user is on a subsite’s home page, so this option allows them to be suppressed on this particular page.
Enable Custom Previous or Next links on pages This feature allows Editors to create custom page navigation
Require public authentication When turned on, this will close the public side of the site to the public, requiring them to login.
Enable click tracking and exit warnings for Title and Image links This will enable sites to track what title and image links users are clicking on, and how often. It will also warn the user that when clicking on a title or image link that they are being directed to a different page. This affects both internal (within the site) and external (links to another site) links. If you don't want to have warnings for links to your internal site or want particular sites to not receive a warning, then read about Link Types in the "Site Attributes" help.
Editing Preferences
Action Description
Enable STX as default When creating new text content, this will turn Structured Text Support on, by default.
Enable folders to be public as default When enabled, newly created folders will automatically be made public by default.
Enable pages to be public as default When enabled, newly created pages will automatically be made public by default.
Enable content to be public as default When enabled, newly created content will automatically be made public by default.
Enable automatic de-linking on paste as default This feature will allow content that is being copied and pasted to automatically be de-linked from the original.
Automatically scroll down to the recently added or edited content After creating or editing a content item, the screen will automatically scroll down so that the content item is located at the top of the screen. Very helpful if you are editing a page with a lot of content on it.
Enable Folder Ownership When this feature is enabled, Editors will be able to assign folders to users
Allow Suggestions This feature allows Editors and Contributors the ability to make suggestions about what they think a content item should be.
Allow Syndication of Pages When turned on, this feature allows pages to be syndicated so that they provide an RSS feed
Allow Course Tracking When turned on, this feature records the course progress of an Authenticated Public User as "Not Started", "In Progress", and "Finished".
Enable comments on content This feature allows Editors and Contributors to make comments on content items.
Allow Anonymous Users to Comment This opens the Comment interface to the public so that visitors of the site can make comments on content
Check title and image links to make sure they are valid urls This forces new urls to be correct by first testing them before saving

** If a custom skin is utilized, these settings may not affect the display of the subsite. These settings can only be assumed to be effective for the default skins, unless the custom skin being used has explicitly been designed and tested to use these settings.

Helpful Hints

  • "Enable folders, pages, or content to be public as default" does not apply to copy and paste items.
  • "Enable Folder Ownership" allows the owner to receive email when a suggestion or changes are made on content items in that folder.