Site Content Features

Site Content Features Help

The Site Content Features are the various types of content that you can create for your site.

Paragraph A paragraph is used to insert text content, images, documents, audio, or video. It can also display a title or title link.
Syndication Source A syndication source allows you to add an RSS compatable newsfeed to your site.
Multiple Choice Question A multiple choice question/quiz with up to 10 answers can be added to the page. The form provides places for you to easily write in feedback for correct and incorrect answers. The quiz will use radio buttons if only one correct answer exists and checkboxes for questions with multiple correct answers.
Matched Pair Question A matching question is used to ask the learner a series of questions, each of which has a unique answer. The user selects the correct choice from the menu and no menu item should be chosen more than once.
Instruction An instruction should be used when you want to insert a message on the page that informs the user of a task to perform while on that page. Instructions are formatted differently than regular paragraph text.
Page Menu This allows sites that lack the menu navigation (on the left) still have some way to present the users with a menu.
Course Layout This feature allows users to quickly create a layout for a course using the following items; Overview, Concept, Fact, Procedure, Process, Principle, and Summary.