Allow Comments

Allow Comments on this Page

A Content Editor may set this feature to allow anonymous users to make comments about the content on an individual page. A "View/Submit Comments" link will be available for each content item.

Once the Comment is submitted by the user, the Content Editor may review the comment and approve it for public view if appropriate.

To set the page to Allow Comments:

  • Select "Enable comments on content" and "Allow Anonymous Users to Comment" in the Site Options/Editing Preferences.
  • Then select the "Update" button at the bottom of the page.
  • Navigate to the page that you want to allow users to comment on.
  • Select the radio button, "Allow comments on this page", in the Page Options section.
  • Select the "Set Page Options" button at the bottom of the Page Options section.

A "View/Submit Comments" link will now be displayed on the public site.