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Page Options Help

This section allows Editors to change the options for the current page

Show Progress Bar

This feature displays the progress bar on the page. The progress bar tells you, by percentage, how far you are in that folder.

Syndicate this Page

This feature allows the page to be syndicated using RSS (Really Simple Syndication).

Course Start/Course Finish

Once the User Tracking has been turned on in the site options, these radios may be selected for the first page of the course and the final page of the course. The Public Authenticated User will be tracked as: "Not started" the course, are "In Progress" through the course, or have "Finished" the course.

Allow User to Comment on this Page

This feature allows users to make comments on each piece of content.

Set Custom Links

Editors also have the ability to disable these links by clicking the respective checkbox.

The Browse links are useful for designating where on the site you would like the custom Next/Previous links to point. It allows for simple navigation through the site using a folder structure, and you can easily select one of the resulting pages as your link.

Note: Select "Set Page Options" to submit any of the above selections.