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The Matching Pairs Question Manager allows Editors to manage the attributes of a Matching Question Content Object.

Matched Pair Question
Action Description
Title The Title is used to create a distinctive header for a question. You do not have to include a Title.
Enable Structured Text Support This will turn structured text support on. This should be the default for everyone but the most advanced users. STX is a collection of easy to understand shortcuts for styling your content. Help with STX is available by selecting the icon.
Directions This is what the public will see on your web site. It should be phrased so that the Menu Items and Matching Text make sense. It tasks the learner to identify or match two sets of things. By using STX you can include style instructions that will work no matter where your content is displayed - even if its used on sites that have totally different look-and-feels. Warning - by unchecking the "Enable STX" checkbox you can include advanced HTML tags. Be very careful as errors may render the page unusable.
Action Description
Do NOT Randomize Answers Select this checkbox to display the answers in the order you provide.
Only allow users to answer the question once Use this feature when you require 100% accuracy on questions. When an incorrect answer is submitted, a message is displayed that suggests the user "review the information in the lesson before continuing on" and does not allow the user to reload the page.
Provide Question-Level Feedback: Add important feedback information for this question. This will display when any incorrect answer is submitted in addition to any answer-level feedback.
Enter URL for Remediation page: Enter a URL to allow the user to select and review the lesson information when they have submitted an incorrect answer.
Action Description
Menu Items These will appear as the possible answers to be matched in a drop-down control.
Text next to menu These items will appear next to the Menu Items.
Feedback When an incorrect answer is submitted, this text is provided as feedback for the learner.
Action Description
Image Title The Image Title is pulled from the Image Content Object selected from the Repository search. Note - You can only select a new image by using the "Search" link next to the title. Deleting the Image Title removes the Image reference when you Update the paragraph. Do not change the Image Title directly.
Link If you include a valid URL in Link, the Image will be presented as a hyperlink to that URL. If you would like the hyperlink to jump to a location within the current SubSite, select the Browse link to automatically find it for you. If you have selected "Check title and image links to make sure they are valid urls" as a SubSite Option then the URL will be automatically checked before saving to make sure they are not broken.
Description The Description is pulled from the Image Content Object selected from the Repository search. Description is used as the ALT tag for Section 508 compliance. Unlike Image Title, you can freely change Description.
Size Select from 50%, 75%, 100%, 125%, and 150% to easily size images. It is recommended that the original image be sized so that you can select 100% for best results.
Alignment Select Right or Left alignment to position the image in the most pleasing manner.

** If a custom skin is utilized, these settings may not affect the display of the subsite. These settings can only be assumed to be effective for the default skins, unless the custom skin being used has explicitly been designed and tested to use these settings.

Edit/Add Matched Pair Questions

To edit a Matched Pair Question:

  • Select the Edit icon for a Matched Pair Question Content Object.
  • Modify the content.
  • Select the "Update" button.

To add a Matched Pair Question:

  • Select Matched Pair Question from the drop down box at the top of the page.
  • Select the Add icon (plus sign).
  • Add the question, answers, feedback.
  • Select the "Create" button.

Helpful Hints

Only one Matched Pair Question may be added per page.

STX Help - Select the "i" icon above the text content to view the different uses of Structured Text Support. This will show different methods of formatting the text in a paragraph.

Do Not Randomize Answers - Answers (Menu items and Text next to menu) are automatically randomized. The Content Editor may select this box to keep the questions and answers in the same order as entered.

Answers - Up to ten answers may be entered in the Menu Items column. Text next to menu may be used for individual questions. The correct answer should be listed in the same row as the question (Text next to menu) and the feedback for an incorrect answer.