Manage Linked Object

Linked Content Objects

Linked Content Objects are Content Objects that point to the same item in the Content Repository. As a result, if you change a linked Content Object in one location, it will change every use of that content object elsewhere in the site. This allows you to reuse content objects and decrease your maintenance costs.

Content Objects are always "linked" if you copy one from one location and paste it into another. If you make a change to the new Content Object's Title, for instance, the Title of the original will also change.

You can de-link the Content Object by selecting "De-Link" when you first edit it.

You may also override to disable the automatic linking by selecting "Enable automatic de-linking on paste as default" in the SubSite Options Manager.

Helpful Hint

Folders and Pages are not Content Objects and thus are never "linked" to other Folders or Pages. If you copy a set of folders from one place to another in your site, subsequent changes to the Folder Title, for instance, will not affect the original. However, any Content Objects copied as part of a page are "linked."