Page Layout

Structured Text (STX) Enabling STX for your content will address all but the most advanced requirements. EZRO supports a wide range of formatting options that do not require knowledge of HTML. In most cases, the use of HTML increases the likelihood of HTML syntax mistakes, illegal HTML that reduces cross-platform compatibility, and is more likely to violate style guidelines enforced by your customized CSS/Skin.

STX Help How do I use STX?

Image Maps EZRO currently supports embedding a single image in a paragraph. Although you can have any number of paragraphs, and therefore images, on a page they are separated vertically. In circumstances where you need to arrange multiple images horizontally or in clusters create a single combined image during production and include an image map with the image. Make sure to include appropriate ALT Tags for each individual area of the image map.

Image Map How do I add Image Map?

Descriptions/ALT Tags The Image Description is used as the ALT text for images. Make sure to include instructions in the description if the image has a Link to another page. Example, "Regulation X. Click here to download the MS Word document."

Tip! Make sure that you fill in the Image Description when you upload the image. When you select an image for use in a paragraph the original Description is brought forward as a default. It speeds production, especially if an image is used on multiple pages.