Instruction Manager

Edit Instructions Help

The Instruction Manager allows Editors to manage the attributes of an Instruction Content Object.

Action Description
Title The Title is used to create a distinctive header for a paragraph. You do not have to include a Title.
Enable Structured Text Support This will turn structured text support on. This should be the default for everyone but the most advanced users. STX is a collection of easy to understand shortcuts for styling your content. Help with STX is available by selecting the icon.
Instruction Content This is what the public will see on your web site. By using STX you can include style instructions that will work no matter where your content is displayed - even if its used on sites that have totally different look-and-feels. Warning - by unchecking the "Enable STX" checkbox you can include advanced HTML tags. Be very careful as errors may render the page unusable.

** If a custom skin is utilized, these settings may not affect the display of the subsite. These settings can only be assumed to be effective for the default skins, unless the custom skin being used has explicitly been designed and tested to use these settings.

Edit/Add Instructions

To edit an instruction:

  • Select the Edit icon (pencil) for an Instruction Content Object.
  • Modify the content.
  • Select the "Update" button.

To add an instruction:

  • Select Instructions from the drop down box at the top of the page.
  • Then select the Add icon.
  • Enter content into the "Instruction Content" box.
  • Select the "Create" button.