Drop Down Menu

Managing the Drop Down Menu

The Drop Down Menu was designed during the "Skin" development. On this COACH, the Drop Down Menu includes the first two levels of folders within the subsite.

For example: The first level of folders are:

  • JobSeeker/Worker
  • Business/Human Resources

The second level of folders for JobSeeker/Worker are:

  • Search for Jobs
  • Find Unemployment Info
  • Research an Occupation
  • Identify Your Skills
  • Upgrade Your Skills
  • Find Financial Resources
  • Use Job Search Strategies
  • Make Relocation Decisions
  • Change Careers
  • Use Career Resource Library
  • CareerOneStop Tools

The Drop Down Menu reflects this list of folders.

The drop down menu does not appear until the user has entered that level of folders. Therefore, the COACH has a second menu in the content. This menu reflects the folders. The content links allow the user to enter the folder level.

The menu in the content was added manually and will need to be manually updated as the folders are updated.

This menu is added as Links to the folders. To review how to add Links to locations within this subsite, go to Manage Links