General Concepts

MetaSites and SubSites A MetaSite is an installation of EZRO with a Content Repository. EZRO is the tool used to organize, author, and manage Content Objects. The Content Objects are stored in the Content Repository. A SubSite is where you actually create your site for display. A MetaSite can have any number of SubSites all of which share the same Content Repository and thus can share Content Objects between SubSites. Each SubSite can have its own look and feel implemented with a custom "Skin" of code and "CSS" of Cascading Style Sheets. Taken together, the Skin/CSS can be used to enforce an organization's style guidelines and create a special look.

SubSite Manager Help How do I manage SubSites? Repository Manager Help How do I manage the Content Repository?

Users - EZRO allows you to create a User for each member of your team and assign them roles. Each user is password protected for authentication. The roles control each user's access to features. Certain users can represent groups, for instance you can create a user with the name of "Demo" and the password of "SecretCode". By assigning "Demo" the role of AuthenticatedPublicUser you can then restrict access to your site for all but your team and people that know the "SecretCode".

User Manager Help How do I manage Users?

Basic Site Layout EZRO uses an easy to understand metaphor for managing the layout of a SubSite. A SubSite is made up of Folders, Pages, and Content Objects. Folders, Pages, and Content Objects all share basic functionality such as the ability to add, edit, delete, order, cut, copy, paste, and show public.

Folder Manager Help How do I manage Folders? Page Manager Help How do I manage Pages?

Content Objects Content Objects are "chunks" of content that can be organized on a page and reused elsewhere in a site. Currently there are several types of Content Objects: Paragraphs, Instructions, Multiple Choice Questions, Matching Questions, and Syndication Sources. Paragraphs are the basic content object that supports an arrangement of text, image, audio, video, and Flash objects. Instructions are specialized paragraphs that get formatted specifically for delivering instructions to users. Multiple-Choice and Matching Questions are specialized Content Objects that allow for review style interactions with users. Syndication Sources allow you to include RDF news items from someone else's web site.

Content Object Help How do I manage Content Objects?