OnLine Coach

The Coach is an electronic tool that serves as a sidebar to the main Web site. This sidebar, Coach, guides the user with specific instructions and "Tips" on how to use the site. The Coach is used in the convenience of home, at local libraries, and anywhere the Internet is available. The Coach enhances and simplifies the Web sites with which it is mated.

Easy for Users who have fewer computer/Internet skills

The Coach provides assistance that is always available on the Internet for users. However, it may be most important to people with limited computer or Internet skills. This tool provides a "guide" to assist users with finding information on the Internet for issues or topics that they are facing

Comparatively Inexpensive

The Coach is built on an open source tool: the Department of Labor's Workforce Connections "free license" software. As such, the Coach requires only hosting and maintenance at a very low comparative cost.

Guide to Many Resources

The Coach currently assists users through the Department of Labor's CareerOneStop websites and potentially, on to many other resources that users are not likely to find. The real power of the Coach is its ability to lead a user to additional websites where more assistance will be found for the user's needs in fact, it is the tool that will take inexperienced users into the wider world of Internet help.

Easily Adaptable

The Coach content has already been shown to be easily adapted for many different audiences. For example, the Coach has already been modified to be effective for job seekers and workers, business people, workforce development professionals, community colleges, HUD/Neighborhood Networks, and military spouses. When a new Coach is created, the content and navigation has generally not changed, but the language may be modified to suit the different audience.

In Conclusion

The Coach is easily adaptable and can be used for a variety of other audiences and industries. It is comparatively inexpensive while delivering a great deal of value.