Step 6: Modify domain mappings

  1. First you will want to enter a new admin hostname and public hostname in your DNS or name services server. This should be defined with the IP of your EZRO server.
  2. In the root folder of the ZMI, click on the object named domain_mappings. It will look similar to the following:
    # This is how you map domain names to sites.
    mapping = {
    ""      : "Metasite",
    ""            : "Metasite,Subsite",
    return mapping
  3. You will want to modify this to reflect new mappings for your newly created EZRO instance. For a Metasite, you will insert your admin URL followed by the Metasite id, in the format as shown above. For a Subsite, you will insert your public URL followed by both the Metasite and Subsite ids as shown above. It is very important to include all quotes and commas as shown in the example.

As an example, assume you have a new Metasite with id "horse", and URL of You also have a Subsite with id "games" and a public URL of You would insert the following:

""        : "horse",
""        : "horse,games",