Step 1: Preinstallation setup

If you want to start using EZRO right away, we have provided a default configuration for you to do just that. This configuration doesn't have the name server (DNS) requirements that are typical with Internet sites and allows you to take EZRO for a local test drive.

You will have to modify your HOSTS file on the Windows machine, and be sure to have a working browser. Typically on Windows2000 and WindowsXP, this file is located in C:\WINDOWS\System32\Drivers\ETC. (Note that there may be a file named HOSTS.SAM, this file is a sample file. The real file has no extension on the file name.)

You current HOSTS file will have a line that contains the following: localhost

You will want to modify this line so that it now looks like this: localhost

What this does is map the names and to your local machine so you can get started with EZRO as quickly as possible.