Appropriate Infrastructure

Before beginning to build a server capable of supporting EZRO you must have a clear understanding of the requirements of your organization. While EZRO can operate on almost any computer, the performance characteristics and the behavior under stress may not be appropriate.

We recommend that you complete a needs assessment in order to determine the appropriate level of performance, availability, security, and scalability necessary for your mission. The needs assessment should take into account your requirements for bandwidth (the capacity of your computer's connection to the internet) and other administrative issues, such as backups, disaster recovery, configuration management, etc.

EZRO has been configured to operate on laptops, stand-alone PCs, and highly scalable, high-availability networks involving more than a dozen servers. The expected cost of hardware infrastructure will vary according to your requirements and therefore could range from a few thousand to several hundred thousand dollars. Additional costs are associated with administering and maintaining the infrastructure and systems.

Operating System

An operating system is the lowest level of code that a computer uses to operate. It supports basic services and configuration management that higher level programs can rely on. GNU/Linux, Unix, Apple MacOS X, and Microsoft Windows (NT, 2000, XP) are all operating systems.

We recommend Windows 2003 Server or Windows XP Professional as these are the current server environments recommended by Microsoft.