What is EZRO?

Devis EZ Reusable Objects (EZRO) is an open, zero licensing cost, web application that can be used by non-technical staff to manage content as "objects." Content objects containing text, video, and audio can be shared, modified, and re-styled to appear via a traditional web site, an on-line course, an innovative Coach, or as a community of interest site. EZRO is a complete software environment for creating and managing "best practice" dynamic websites in real-time.

EZRO provides a complete set of powerful tools that meet most organizations' needs to manage their presence on the web without licensing costs (100% free, open source software), the complexity (no programming required), or the expense of outsourced web mastering (your staffers can do it themselves). EZRO can be configured on everything from a single server to a large scalable, high-performance, high-availability environment supporting millions of users per year. EZRO can be used for public web sites, secure environments, and private intra/extranets. EZRO is designed around components that can be customized and enhanced to meet your specific needs. As a result, EZRO can meet the needs of many different types and sizes of organizations.

EZRO is an ongoing effort. We intend to continually improve the performance and capability of EZRO by collaborating with governmental partners (Federal, State, and Local) as well as commercial and non-governmental organizations.

EZRO builds on the U.S. Department of Labor's Workforce Connections. Devis supported the release of this software as public infostructure under the widely used General Public License (GPL) and releases enhancements under the name EZRO.

The inevitable evolution to open systems continues, now it's EZRO.

WorkforceConnections/EZRO is fully supported

As the original developer of the product Devis is ideally placed to provide a full range of support options for WorkforceConnections/EZRO. Businesses or governmental agencies may not have the staff to implement EZRO internally or may simply prefer outsourcing. Devis provides a complete range of EZRO support including: custom hosted solutions, implementation support, EZRO site "skin" design, content/eLearning development and conversion, software modifications, version control/updates, training, and technology transfer opportunities.

To find out how Devis can make your organization's Web EZRO please Email ContactUS@devis.com or telephone (703)525-6485 or (800)324-2681. Federal, State and Local Governmental agencies, at any level, can access Devis at preferred rates through the GSA cooperative IT purchasing Schedule 70 contract (GS-35-0217J small business).